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NB: This translation is provided for information purposes only. The German version of this disclaimer is authoritative and legally binding.

Use of the Züblin Website 

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Non-binding, no offer 

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Share price, forward-looking statements 

The future performance of the Züblin share price cannot be inferred from data on the past performance of the Züblin share price. Movements in the share price may occur at any time. Züblin does not guarantee that any invested capital will maintain its value or increase. 

The information on this website may also contain forward-looking statements about Züblin. We expressly draw attention to the uncertainty inherent in forward-looking statements and the risks associated with them. No binding recommendations or inferences about future developments can therefore be drawn from such statements. 


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Limitation of liability 

Züblin excludes any and all liability for losses or damage of whatever kind (e.g. direct or indirect and coincidental losses) which may arise from or in connection with access to or use of the Züblin website (or from any inability to do so) or from links to the websites of third parties. 

References and links

The Züblin website contains references and links to the websites of third parties. Züblin assumes no responsibility of any kind for such third-party websites, in particular for the accuracy, completeness and legality of the content of such websites and for any offers, products and services contained on them. 

Legal restrictions

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Jurisdiction and applicable law 

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