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Space Planning

Space Planning is a service of Züblin Immobilien which we are delighted to provide to clients on request.

The service involves analysing a potential rental area according to a range of criteria specified by the client.
Based on this analysis we define what the ideal office format is and which elements need to be integrated in order to optimize the operational efficiency of the space. This service allows the client to have an exact picture of a rental area, projected on the basis of their specifications.
Züblin Immobilien will be happy to propose suitable interior designers to turn the analysis into reality.

This service and the advice we give clients to help them optimize the utilization of rental space using the most up-to-date standards is provided by Züblin Immobilien on the basis of its many years of experience in office planning and office culture.

  • Space efficiency

    The objective of optimum space efficiency is to achieve the maximum of benefit with the minimum of area.
  • Office concepts

    The ideal office concept should meet the different needs and demands of various stakeholders.